Alternative ways to charge a laptop
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Alternative ways to charge a laptop

Majority of the battery packs contains the arrays of 18650 batteries. The battery can be removed and charge them separately. There are some typically connections in the battery. Do not monitor and maintain the laptop while charging the laptop.

Ways to charge a laptop

There are a few ways to charge a laptop without a charger. They are as follows:


A laptop can charge by using USB. A USB port is provided for connecting the laptop, phones, and also for receiving information such as pictures and files. A technology known as USB offers an alternative way to charge a laptop. Just make sure that the laptop should have the facility of USB charging mode.


Other way to charge a laptop is by using universal power adaptor. Universal power adaptor can help to charge the laptop without the charger. But universal power adapter is not the exactly homemade laptop charging solution it can be dangerous. The universal adaptor is not exactly universal. Make sure that the adaptor you choose works with the laptop or not.


Some laptop can connect with the universal chargers that built-in car or an airplane. But this method is not that much safety when compared to other alternatives ways to charge a laptop. USB cord can power a laptop without a charger but make sure that the universal adapter actually works with the laptop. Most of the cars are designed to work with the power cord.


Developing a laptop by using hydrogen cells creates energy through a hydrogen or oxygen reaction and it also stores the energy in a small compact battery. It also helps to charge the computer without a charger.

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Charging the laptop by cycle gears is one the oldest way. In olden days the cycle gears where used to power radios and telephones to generate the electric power. Using a bicycle is the most reliable option to generate power to charge a laptop but is simply relies on muscle to generate electricity.


It is a popular alternative to charge laptops by taking the advantages of solar energy through the use of solar panels and battery kits. Using solar charging method consumes huge time when compared to other alternative ways of charging. This happens mostly in cloudy seasons.


Water is a renewable resource harnessed to power devices such as laptops; it also provides users to have a constant source of running water. It takes some amount of time and can only be utilized by running bodies of water.