How to tell if GPU is dead
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How to tell if GPU is dead

Graphics card is the component of a personal computer. Graphics card failure can make a PC unusual. Graphics card is the component that it is fairly easy to diagnose with the problems. Graphics card failure can be established in many ways. There are usually warning signs your graphics card has a problem that will line up a replacement.

Warning for graphics card failing

A graphics subsystem has been included in every computer. It is an integrated section of the motherboard. Graphics cards can function with a giant multi-monitor setup. Graphics card controls the system display, warning signs that tell if GPU is failing. Following are some of the warning signs of graphics card failure.


If the graphics card starts are going bad then make sure to view the stuttering on the screen. Malware and dying hardware also cause the same kind of issues.

GPU is dead

Screen glitches

Suddenly if the screen appears with many colors then it is trying to say that is my graphics card dying. Sometimes if you restart your device it may go back to the normal. But the problem may expect again.

Strange artifacts

This is similar to screen glitches. A strange artifact appears all over the screens which tell if GPU is failing. Artifacts can be caused because of the excessive overlooking, heating problem and even dust that build in the graphics card.

Blue screen

The computer can become a blue screen for many reasons. The problem may be in RAM, hard drives, graphics cards or other components. If the system crashes or blue screen arises on the screen when starting the computer then it is the sign to tell if the GPU is dead.

Fan noise

Noise in the fan does not ensure to replace the graphics card but check sound once. If the fan sound is more than the normal sound then it indicates that the graphics card is getting too hot. If you are sure that the graphics card is getting too hot then stop everything and clean it out as possible you can.

First, try to find out what is actually wrong and diagnosing a problem is usually a process of elimination. Start checking with the connection because the loose connection can cause a lot of problems especially with the graphics cards. The graphics card should be solidly seated in the motherboard and secondary connections are also should be secured. It is very difficult to check the connections and to access the components.