The symptoms which tell the router is bad
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The symptoms which tell the router is bad

Are you facing internet issues?? Your network becomes slow?? The first thing is to analyse the cause of the problem. Check whether the parts of the router or the whole computer get spoiled. If you are facing problems like internet traffic slowdowns, poor signal strength, longer download times and stop network signals, then these are the signs of a bad router.

  1. Check the age of the router

The most common things for the problem are the age of the router. If the router used for more years, then the heat may damage the device. Heat is the main reason which affects the speed of the internet, signal issues, etc. The only solution is placing the router in the airflow areas and also changes the place frequently. Another issue in the old router is not supporting the newly developed technologies.

signs of a bad router

  1. Slow performance

The slow performance of the internet connection is to tell if the router is bad. If you analyse this issue, you have to go to the router operator immediately and try to solve this problem. You have to open the router and change the program installed manually and solve the problem.

  1. Check the indication lights

You can notice that many indication lights are given in front of the device. These lights help to find out the device is working properly or not. The lights show the internet connection, power and wi-fi signal connection. The blinking lights don’t show any issues, but the red color light shows some issues present in the device. This is the signs you need a new router. If you notice this issue, you have to check the manual guide to find out the exact problem. In case you lose the manual, you can download it form the manufacturing company.

  1. Troubleshooting

If you feel any bad router symptoms, you can try the troubleshooting method to solve the problem. If you can’t solve it through the troubleshooting means you can contact with the router operator and solve it.

Final thoughts:

These are some of the symptoms that tell if your router is dying. So you have to check the router indications and their age to solve the network issues. The old router creates some issues like slow network, sometimes stop working. Find out the exact problem and solve it. Keep the router in the sir flow place and clean it regularly to avoid any damages.